Boat trip 29th May

We had amazing close up views of 2 Humpback whales.

Also lots of sea lions.

Lighthouse Park 24th May

Just  a few photos

Squamish 23/5/2017

A trip to Squamish.

The Sea to Sky Gondola takes you from sea level to about 300m.

Stanley Park – 22/5/2017

Stanley Park is a large area just north of the city of Vancouver


20th May

20th May

A morning spent at house

19th May

19th May

Took the ferry to Bowen Island

For the first time we had a good sunset

May 17th – bird sanctuary

George C Reifel Migratory bird sanctuary

Today was a birding day

Some very nice birds at this reserve

Vancouver 16th May

Dungeness 17th April 2017

A few photos from Dungeness

Costa Rica day 11

Last full day. All the trips are in small boats among the mangroves. Tomorrow we travel back to San Jose.

wpid-img_6242.jpgThis allows you to get really close to birds. This is a Sungrebe.

wpid-img_6032.jpgThis is an Agami heron. Even our local guide was amazed at the views we got.

wpid-img_6138.jpgMale anhinga have a blue eye.

wpid-img_6221.jpgAlways look up for Magnificent Frigatebird.

wpid-img_6085.jpgThese are Spectacled Caiman and Owl Butterfly.